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In 2024:
Humidity/Aneometer AM-4205A
Humidity/Temp. meter HT-3006A

In 2023:
High voltage probe HV-40
pH meter PH-224S
Pen type thermometer PTM-816
4-channel therometer TM-947USB

In 2022:
Anemometer AM-4100B
Frequency counter FC-2700
Humidity content meter MS-7011
pH meter PH-206
Humidity/Temp. meter PHT-316
Salt meter PSA-312
Infrared thermometer TM-909AL
Infrared thermometer TM-919AL
4-channel thermometer TM-946
Test leads TL-02AS

In 2021:
Multimeter DM-9027T

In 2020:
Contact tachometer DT-2245
Stroboscope DT-2299
Environment meter EM-9300USB
pH electrode PE-01
pH electrode PE-08
Contact tachometer probe TA-35
Type K temperature probe TP-11
UVC light meter UVC-254
Thermometer YK-2005TM

In 2019:
Alligator AL-05
4-20 mA simulator CC-MA
pH calibration checker CC-PH
Caliper DC-515
Clamp meter DM-6007
Stroboscope DT-2269
Stroboscope DT-2289
Holster HS-03
LCR meter LCR-9083
Salt meter PSA-312
3 in 1 thermoeter TM-2000
Thermometer TM-914F
UVA light meter UVA-365

In 2018:
Antenna AT-80
Insulation tester DI-6500
Automotive tester DM-9030
Multimeter DM-9092
Environment meter EM-1800
Electrostatic Field meter ESF-107SD
GSM Control system GSM-889
HCHO meter PHCHO-500
Light meter LX-104B
pH meter PH-109B
Test lead TL-222
Conductivity meter YK-2005CD

In 2017:
Anemometer AM-4213
Anemometer AM-4216
Volt meter PCB module DP-30
Stroboscope DT-2339
Environment Meter EM-9100
Intelligent meter EM-9200
Function generator FG-2003
Scale GM-300P
Anemometer probe HD-200PAL
Light meter probe HD-200PLX
Humidity probe HD-200PRH
pH electrode PE-06HD
ACA transmitter TR-ACA1A4
Anemometer Transmitter TR-AMT1A4
Anemometer probe YK-200PAS
Anemometer YK-80AS

In 2016:
CO2 meter CO2-9913
2,000A Flexible current probe CP-2011
Insulation tester DI-6200
Clamp meter DM-6046
Clamp meter DM-6053
Clamp meter DM-6058
Wireless detect switch DS-121
100 Kg Scale GB-100KG
150 Kg Scale GB-150KG
GSM Home security system GSM-120
GSM Controller GSM-840
GSM Controller GSM-888
Light meter LX-101A
Environment meter ME-9000
Environment meter ME-9100
3 in 1 Anemometer ME-92AM
EMF tester ME-92LF
Light meter ME-92LX
pH meter ME-92PH
3 in 1 Humidity/Temp. meter ME-92RH
Sound level meter ME-92SL
Two channel thermometer ME-92TM
UV light meter ME-92UV
33% RH humidity calibrator RHA-33
75% RH humidity calibrator RHA-75
Software SCALE-U002
Sound level meter SL-4113G
Forehead IR Thermometer TM-966A
Vibration transmitter TR-VBT1A4
Intelligent pH meter YK-2001PH
Conductivity/TDS meter YK-22CT
Dissolved oxygen meter YK-22DO

In 2015:
Anemometer AM-4217SD
Flexible clamp meter CMF-6130
Flexible clamp probe CPS-3100
Clamp meter DM-6055C
Clamp meter DM-6056
Volt meter module DP-40
Panel meter DR-99420
Power analyzer DW-6096
AC Watt meter DW-6263
Inductive pick-up sensor IP-07
Light meter LX-103
100 Kg Scale GB-100KG
Test leads TL-11U
Test leads TL-88
Thermometer TM-924C/F
Transmitter TR-CDT1A4
IR Temp. transmitter TR-IR2W
All US (SD/USB) series products

In 2014:
Conductivity meter CD-4312
Digital micrometer DC-516
Data logger DL-9601A
Watt meter DW-6060
Digital balance GM-5001
Digital balance GM-501
Humidity meter HT-3009
RS-232 to WiFi converter RSW-912
RS-232 to WiFi converter RSW-913
Sound adaptor SL-407
DCA transmitter TR-DCA1A4
DCV transmitter TR-DCV1A4
Hz transmitter TR-HZT1A4
Potential meter transmitter TR-PTT1A4
Infrared temp. probe YK-200PIR

In 2013:
Battery charger BACH-110 / BACH-220
Recharge battery BAUM-01
Flexible 2,000 Amp current probe CP-2010
Flexible 6,000 Amp current probe CP-6000
Panel meter DR-99TEMP
Power Analyzer DW-6091
Green power ph meter PH-209G
Infrared thermometer TM-908
Infrared thermometer TM-910
Infrared thermometer TM-966
Torque meter TQ-8801
Humidity probe YK-200PRH
Humidity meter YK-2005RH

In 2012:
Heavy duty alligators AL-04
Green power anemometer AM-4100G
Type K thermometer calibrator CC-TEMPK
Clamp meter DM-6052
Green power 4 in 1 meter LM-8020G
Green power photo/contact tachometer DT-2336G
Green power humidity/temp. meter HT-4006G
Green power light meter LX-104G
Green power ph meter PH-109G
Photo tachometer adaptor TA-601
Thermometer, 4 channels TM-903A
Green power thermometer TM-928G
Forehead IR thermometer TM-967
Humidity transmitter TR-HUM1A4
Conductivity meter YK-2004CD
Conductivity meter YK-2014CD

In 2011:
Anemometer AM-4215SD
Anemometer AM-4217USB
Current calibrator CC-420
Power Analyzer DW-6090 (old version)
Stroboscope DT-2369
Electrode holder EH-20
Force stand FS-1002
GSM Controller GSM-110
Humidity meter HT-3007USB
Humidity meter HT-4006B
LCR meter LCR-9073A
Light meter LX-104B
Light meter LX-1128USB
pH electrode PE-05T
Sound level meter SL-4034SD
Sound adaptor SL-407
Software SW-M811
UVC Light meter YK-254UVC
Anemometer YK-81AP


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